A golden city in the sun, surrounded by starkly beautiful desert and the blue sparkle of the Persian Gulf.

Weave through breathtaking coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks. Sand-ski. Safari on camel-back. Use world-class golfing facilities. Indulge in health and beauty, Arabia-style. Be fascinated, be enchanted. Dubai feels like magic.

Try the classic cuisines of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East. Sample spicy or succulent sea delicacies. Journey from the grand kitchens of the past, through the modern vibrancy of the East. Dubai tastes like magic.

Hear the calls of a thousand cultures. Watch joyous dancing to mesmerising music. Visit the eternal springs of Hatta. Shop in the narrow stone alleys of bustling souks or in the cool luxury of top malls. Dubai sounds like magic.

Across silent plains, through intricate arches, below glowing domes and behind lush date gardens, encounter Yusra Tours' choice of 13 luxurious & authentic Arabian resorts: